Location: Bali State Polytechnic (Politeknik Negeri Bali)
Jl. Kampus Bukit Jimbaran
Kuta Selatan, Badung, Bali 80364

Date: March 20, 2013

09.00-09.10Welcome Message from KCIC 2013 Program ChairDr. Ali Ridho B.
Dr. Shiori Sasaki
09.10-09.20Opening Speech from Advisory Board of KCIC 2013Dr. Dadet P.
Prof. Y. Kiyoki
Ir. M. Mudhina, MT.
09.20-10.20Keynote Talk:
Optimal Space Transmission Matrix for Image Recognition and its Application
Prof. Xing Chen (Kanagawa Institute of Technology, Japan)
10.20-10.30Coffee Break
Presentation Session
10.30-10.50An Analytical Visualization System of Historical, Geographical and International Trading Information for 5D World MapHanako Fujioka
Shiori Sasaki
Yasushi Kiyoki
10.30-10.50Self-Training for Semantic Role Labeling of Indonesian Documents using Naive Bayes ClassifierArlisa Yuliawati
Ruli Manurung
10.55-11.15Comparative Analysis Spread Spectrum and Parity Coding Steganography in E-commerceMike Yuliana
Fatchul Bari H.
Brahim Wijaya
M. Zen Samsono H.
10.55-11.15Optimal Beacon Transmission Scheduling Algorithm for Cluster Tree Networks IEEE 802.15.4M. Udin Harun A.
11.20-11.40A Sign-Logo Image Analysis & Search System for Image-Query Creation by Combining Multiple ImagesYasuhiro Hayashi
Yuki Toyoshima
Yasushi Kiyoki
11.20-11.40Neovascular Classification From Fundus Image Using Extreme Learning Machine for Screening Diabetic RetinopathyDesti Fitriati
M. Ivan Fanany
11.45-12.05Obstacle Avoidance using VFF-Fuzzy Logic for Bottom Following Underwater VehiclesNanang Syahroni
11.45-12.05Satellite Image Segmentation Analysis Using Fuzzy C-MeansNi Kadek Dessy H.
12.10-12.30Graph-Based Foreground and Background Image SegmentationHisyam Fahmi
12.10-12.30An Extreme Learning Machine Model for Growth Stages Classification of Rice Plants from Hyperspectral Images Subdistrict IndramayuNugroho Suhandono
Febri Maspiyanti
M. Ivan Fanany
12.30-13.30Lunch and Break
13.30-15.00Panel Discussion:
Spatial Computation and Disaster Risk Management
Mitigating Wildfire Disaster : Early Warning in Image Satellite ApproachWahyu Tjatur S.
Arna Fariza
Dadet Pramadihanto
Nana Ramadijanti
Disaster Risk Analysis in Regional Public Hospital of Badung RegencyI Ketut Widana
Agus Bintang W.
Two Dimensional Probabilistic Cellular Automata Approach using Cardioids Neighborhood System for Predicting Forest Fire SpreadingAchmad Basuki
An Event Information Provision System with Multi-Dimensional ComputationsHiroki Kashiwagi
Shiori Sasaki
Yasushi Kiyoki
15.00-15.30Coffee Break
15.30-17.30Discussion on joint-research and collaborative work
18.00-21.00Welcome party

Date: March 21, 2013

09.00-10.00Keynote Talk:
Crossdata Platform for Leveraging Big + Diverse Data
Prof. Koji Zettsu (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, Japan)
10.00-10.15Coffee Break
10.15-11.15Panel Discussion:
Knowledge Engineering for Cultural Computation
Descriptive Bibliography Search System with Historical Geographic 5D World Map VisualizationYuka KOMORI
Yasushi KIYOKI
A Culture-Oriented Image Search System for Indonesian Cultural Paintings with Semantic Multi-Query Analytical FunctionAli Ridho Barakbah
Indah Yudi Suryani
Entin Martiana K.
Distinctive-Color Analytical Visualization for Cross-Cultural Image Computing with 5D World MapYoshiko Itabashi
Shiori Sasaki
Yasushi Kiyoki
Presentation Session
11.15-11.35A Light-Weight Group Signature Scheme for Wireless Networks Based-on BBS Short Group SignatureAmang Sudarsono
Mike Yuliana
11.35-11.55The existence of Loyalty in Indonesia Ministry Education Regulation on Electronic Text Book (Study of Vocational High School's Electronic Text Book in Bandung)Zulganef
Usin Susanto
11.55-12.15E-Learning Readiness in the Hinterland of BatamHilda Widyastuti
Dian Mulyaningtyas
Uuf Brajawidagda
12.15-12.30Closing Ceremony
12.30-13.30Lunch and Break
13.30-21.00City Tour and Dinner